Balboa 32u4 Balancing Robot won't balance

Hello folks,

I just finished assembling Balboa 32u4, using 75:1 motors (applied magnetic encoders) at gear ratio 163:1 with 80x10 wheels and added fall-protection arms.
So far tested examples work (Blink, Buzzer sound). However the Balboa won’t balance. Using the Balance-example sketch and setting gear ratio in “Balance.h”, Balboa is far from balancing.
To test the robot it is placed onto the ground with board facing upwards. After waiting a few seconds, when turning the robot, I just keeps on driving forward without bringing itself into stand up position.
The motor test-sketch worked fine before.
Does anyone have a clue how to solve this problem?

BTW, I´m using Arduino-IDE.


I am sorry your Balboa is not behaving as you expect. From your description it is difficult to tell what direction your robot is moving. If your Balboa drives in the direction away from its wheels, then your motors might be installed backwards, and you should be able to uncomment the motors.flipLeftMotor(true); and motors.flipRightMotor(true); lines in Balancer.ino to make it work. If your robot is driving forwards (towards the wheels, the direction it should be moving), can you describe in more detail specifically what happens when you run your updated balancing code? It would help if you link to a video that shows the behavior you are getting.