BabyO, serial and programmer

Lacking a display I’m interested in getting the baby-o to report some data back to my desktop machine through its serial capabilities, but I’m unclear on the right way to start. If I leave the programmer plugged into the babyo, and have the desktop read from the associated serial COM port provided by the programmer, should I be able to receive text from the device?


The Baby Orangutan’s programming pins do not coincide with its serial pins, so a programming cable connection to your programmer will not allow for serial communication. Are you using the Pololu USB AVR programmer? If so, you need to make the appropriate serial connections to the programmer’s TTL serial pins: programmer TX to Baby-O PD0 and programmer RX to Baby-O PD1 (and don’t forget to make sure your programmer and Baby Orangutan have a common ground).

- Ben

Can do–and yes, I’m using the AVR programmer. Will these connections interfere with the ability to use the programmer as a programmer?

No, they won’t. The USB AVR Programmer has separate COM ports for programming and general-purpose USB-to-serial.

- Ben

Perfect; thanks. Have already done the mods and the serial line is working like a champ. On to the debugging!