BabyO motor drivers

Can I parallel the two 1 amp motor driver channels on the babyO to make a single two amp motor driver?



It can be done, but probably not with the library code we provide. You would likely need to write your own low-level motor driver routines to ensure that the M1 and M2 inputs to the motor driver are perfectly synchronized to prevent shorting the outputs with your motor. Is low-level AVR programming something you have experience with?

- Ben

nope. I have “C” experience but am new to AVR. How big of a deal to learn?


It would require direct manipulation of the AVR’s registers and an ability to understand the ATmega328P datasheet. I could help you with it by giving you feedback and pointers if you are confused, but I don’t have time to do it all for you, so you should make sure you’re not in over your head by looking over the datasheet a bit and looking through the source code of the Pololu AVR library.

- Ben