BabyO (Mega168) issues

Hello, folks. Been searching high and low for some information on generic code for BabyO, and apart from the given on-site resources, haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for. Since am experimenting for now, I decided to go with the default LV-168 demonstration (Demo #3). So, I coupled up the motors (am using 2xSolarbotics GM8 connected to M1A|B and M2A|B) and removed the stuff that isn’t present on the controller I have (BabyO ATMega168 - green version). So far, the code looks like this - note I’m testing the code on only one of the two motors:

#include <avr/io.h>

#define M1B					PD5
#define M1A					PD6
#define M2B					PD3
#define M2A					PB3

#define M1_FORWARD(my_valA)		OCR0A = 0; OCR0B = my_valA
#define M1_REVERSE(my_valA)		OCR0B = 0; OCR0A = my_valA

#define M2_FORWARD(my_valB)		OCR2A = 0; OCR2B = my_valB
#define M2_REVERSE(my_valB)		OCR2B = 0; OCR2A = my_valB

void motors_init()
	PORTD |= (1 << M1A) | (1 << M1B) | (1 << M2B);
	PORTB |= (1 << M2A);

	DDRD |= (1 << M1A) | (1 << M1B) | (1 << M2B);
	DDRB |= (1 << M2A);

	OCR0A = OCR0B = OCR2A = OCR2B = 0;	
	TCCR0A = TCCR2A = 0xF3;
	TCCR0B = TCCR2B = 0x02;	

int main()

	while (1)			// loop forever
		long sum = 0;
		unsigned int avg, i;
		int my_valA = 0;
		int my_valB = 255;


	return 0;

Might sound hilarious, as I have no experience whatsoever with robotics, hence I believe the code is wrong in some spots and doesn’t fit what I’m trying to do. To put it simple, I want to test functionality of the motors I coupled up, spinning forward and in reverse. So far, everything I write up in that code makes it drive only forward o_O

Thanks in advance for your suggestions :slight_smile:


The original (green) version of the Baby Orangutan is not code-compatible with the Orangutan LV-168, so Orangutan LV-168 motor control code from the test demo will not work correctly on the original Baby Orangutan. I recommend you take a look at Orangutan-Lib, an open source C library for the Orangutan family of robot controllers. If you have further questions please let me know.

- Ben

Thank you, Ben. The code example in OrLib is very detailed and should help me get started up =) I’ll be sure to take you up on that “request” and bump this with more questions when time comes :wink:

Cheers, mate :smiley:

- Dan