BabyO: IR LED to trigger Motor

Morning everyone,

What I am trying to do here is make a sensored trigger, in a way, for a tip box for my band. When an object (money, coins, etc) breaks the beam of an infrared LED to a light sensor, I want that to trigger a motor to run for x amount of milliseconds. I think I can figure out the motor’s coding, but it would help to know what pins to connect the light sensor to, how to set the rest of it up.

Thanks for reading,

Hi, Tim.

It is difficult for me to help you without knowing more about your light sensor. Can you tell me more about it? Specifically, it would be useful to know what its output format is.


Well, the IR emitter I got is of the 950 nm variety (not too important), and the receiver diode I got says it has a demodulated output signal which can be directly decoded by a microprocessor. Specifically, it’s a Vishay TSOP382. After reading the datasheet, this one might not be what I thought. I don’t think it’s compatible with reading a solid beam, it’s meant for pulses. In theory, it should still work though if I used the BabyO to pulse the emitter LED at the proper frequency, which I believe to be 38kHz.

This project just got a bit more complex. Any insights?

If you drive the LED at 38kHz, you should be able to get your receiver to work. In this case, you can just connect the output of the receiver to a digital input and read its state. However, you might find it easier to use one of our QTR reflectance sensors instead, which do not require modulation. You can find all of our QTR sensors here.