BabyO B48 to B328 differences?

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question… I’ve written a program for my Baby-O B48 and I’ve run out of memory space! I’m using about 181% of the memory space of my controller and I figure I will need to upgrade to the Baby-O B328 in order to run my program. Can I merely put in a B328 for the B48 on my circuit board and everything will be the same but with just a larger memory bank? I looked at the product specs and this the impression I get, however I would like to know if there are any underlying incompatibilities. I realize if I used the 328 controller now, in AVR Studio I would just change the targets and config library accordingly, but I was hoping that there weren’t any discrepancies beyond that.

Please let me know! My design project is due in a few weeks, so I will have to make these last minute changes possible if the lead time is short. Otherwise I may have to shorten up my program, which I would like to avoid at all costs since I’m not a very good programmer, haha.

Thank you!



There aren’t any hardware differences other than the microcontroller on the PCB. Have you replaced similar surface-mount packages before?

- Jan

Hi Jan,

I built the electronic circuit board and have the B48 in a 24 pin IC socket. I would like to buy the Baby O B328 and replace my B48: can I simply just take out the B48 and put in the B328, and everything will work the same, since the pinout are all the same? The reason being is that I need more memory for my program.

I’d just like to make sure I can do this before I go ahead and buy the B328 for my project.



Yes, you can just replace the B48 with the B328. Just make sure to change your project to use the ATmega328 for the device so that it will compile for the appropriate microcontroller, and make sure you switch to using the m328 library file if you’re using the Pololu AVR library.

- Ben