Baby Orangutan URGENT Question


I have a problem with 2 Baby Orangutans (328P).
Both of them are mounted in different circuits, initially they worked but now they don’t run the programs anymore.

Let me give a few examples:

  • The circuit worked until suddenly it stopped.
  • After that it started the program randomly, once it worked, twice not…etc
  • Now it works only if i change the power supply (form a battery to a PSU for example) for a few seconds and after it stops. Also it works if i let it without power for a minute or so.
  • I unplugged the orangutan from my circuit and put it to a new one with only VIN (8V) and GND. It cannot be programmed (gives error on Entering Programming mode) it cannot do anything.

This is the same for 2 of them…in different circuits they are doing the same thing.

Please tell me what is happening with them.

Thank you in advanced!

Another thing i noticed.

When i connect the programmer and i turn on the PSU the LEDs on the programmer stop. Both the red and the green one.

What programmer are you using? We offer two:

What do you mean when you say the LEDs “stop”? Do they stop emitting light?


This one:

Yes, they stop emitting light.
Sorry, no sleep last night because of this problem and way to much coffee.

Now i think i found at least a part of the problem. I tried to clean it with a a clean brush.
And it start working. But i cannot see any thing on it. Is it possible for something to enter under the SMD components? Just guessing.


It sounds like you might be shorting something together and drawing a lot of current, turning off the programmer. Can you post a picture of your setup and any schematics or wiring descriptions you have.

- Ryan

Cleaned them both and now they work.

As for the circuit…only VIN (8 V ) and gnd with a bench power supply.
I measured the current draw and it was about 30 mA

I’m glad you got it working; I’m surprised that cleaning it fixed it though. How did it get dirty? What kind of place are you using this in?

- Ryan