Baby Orangutan socket library for Eagle boards

Hi guys. I need the library for Eagle with the pinouts to make my robot boards and schematics with the Baby Orangutan B-328 component really reliable. I have been using 2 DIP standard sockets 1x12 pin for representing my Orangutan in the board and in the schematic of my sniffer robot, but this is not an elegant solution.
I need it for making my robot board for my Disertation Project in the University.

Thanks a lot in advance.

PS: By the way. Would you recommend some special Bluetooth Module for using with the pololu Baby Oranguntan? I would need baudrates of at least 115000 bds for the comunication with my laptop. Any help would be really apreciated.

Hello, Pelayo,

We do not use Eagle, so unfortunately we do not have Eagle libraries for our parts. Maybe someone else on the forum has worked with Eagle and can help with what you’re looking for; alternatively, it does not sound too hard for you to create your own library and define custom parts yourself. (If you do take this route, I am sure others on the forum would be interested if you shared your library.)

We do not have any specific recommendations for Bluetooth modules. Any module with a standard UART (serial) interface should work.

- Kevin