Baby Orangutan Programming

While I am somewhat new to AVR programming - I have used other products and just need some guidance on getting started with the Baby Orangutan. I have used CodeVisionAVR with the megabitty board and megaload to load the board. What I need to know is what I need to get started with the Baby O?

I know I need:

  2. WinAVR
    what else?

What I really need is a sample program that uses both motors and uses the input from some simple IR object detectors to control the bot. I have always started with someones sample program and then hacked away to learn what it did. I am not sure how to start from scratch to program this board - help.



You can see an example program at: The code is for the Orangutan, but most of the code there is applicable to the Baby Orangutan (a few registers have changed between the mega8 and mega48 microcontrollers).

The only other thing you need is a power supply for the Baby Orangutan, in the 5-10 V range (4-8 NiMH cells).

- Jan