Baby Orangutan motor control

I am not very experienced in robot building.
I have searched for information such as the amount of power supplied to motors but cannot find it. Would a Baby Orangutan work with two Solarbotics GM7 120:1 Mini Gear Motor (
As I said, my knowledge is very lacking but I believe that as these motors are very small, they need a special motor controller that specialises in small motors (<5V and <1A).
If the Baby Orangutan will not work, what will? (alternative motor controller or motor)



The information you’re looking for is on the product pages for the motor and the Baby Orangutan. What leads you to believe that you need to supply those motors with less than 5V? Those motors will work at 6V and can be run at even higher voltages, though higher voltages will shorten the life of the motor.

As far as current goes, you want to select a controller that can supply the current that the motor will draw. Typically this means you want to select something that has a continuous current rating that’s near the stall current of your motor at the voltage you will be using. The motor driver just makes current available to the motor as needed; it does not force current into the motor.

The Baby Orangutan can meet the current and voltage needs for that motor.

We have a wide range of motors, motor controllers, and robot controllers, so the best products for you really depend on the details of your project.

- Ben

Thank you, this is a big help :smiley: