Baby orangutan & hc- 04

Hi , it would be of great help, if any one can give me an idea, that how to use a hc04 sonar sensor with my baby- orangutan. I’m up to making a Line follower with collision avoidance feature in it.


We do not have any example code for using that sensor with the Baby Orangutan, but a quick search made it look like there are several examples online for reading those sensors from Arduinos and other AVR controllers. For ideas about how to do the collision avoidance, you might look at this tutorial on making a wall follower with our 3pi Robot (which uses the same ATmega328p as the Baby Orangutan). It uses Sharp distance sensors for sensing when it is close to an object, but you could use a similar strategy with sonar sensors.


Thanks a lot ,for your kind reply :slight_smile: .