Baby Orangutan default fuse settings

Hello all,

I have recently ordered the Baby Orangutan board with the ATmega48. The product listing shows the schematic with a 20MHz resonator, ISP port and the /RESET pins already wired up.

I was wondering if the appropriate fuses for these functions, or any other fuses, are preset in the device in your production line or is that something I need to do myself?

Similarly, which (if any fuses) are preset on the ATtiny26 protoyping board?



The Baby Orangutan ships with the fuses set for 20 MHz operation (divide by 8 turned off, high-speed external resonator enabled). Everything else is left at the Atmel defaults. This means that changing the fuses should not be necessary.

We do not change any of the settings for the ATtiny26 prototyping board, so the fuses are at the Atmel defaults.

- Jan