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Baby Orangutan B, no motor drive?


I am using a Baby Orangutan B on a 6.6 v A123 Lithium pack. I am using the 1.8.13 version of the Arduino IDE.

I am using the “libpololu-arduino-161018.zip” package.

I run the sample code in “OrangutanMotorExample” and the red LED responds to the trim pot as expected but I am not getting any drive current on either motor port (M1 or M2).

I just wanted to make sure all of the libraries are compatible with Arduino IDE 1.8.13 before I start digging further.



Hello, Matt.

I do not see a reason why the libraries that come with the Pololu Orangutan and 3pi Robot add-on for the Arduino IDE ZIP file would not be compatible with the latest version (1.8.13) of the Arduino IDE. I just tested the OrangutanMotorExample on a Baby-Orangutan controller here using the Arduino IDE (1.8.13) and the program works as expected.

Can you post pictures showing how you are measuring the motor current? Also, can you include pictures that show how everything is connected in your setup and the solder joints on your Baby Orangutan controller?

- Amanda