Baby Orangutan B-328 Parent Board and Eagle Layots

I could not find them so am attaching the eagle layouts/Footprints and board files for a custom board i did for my Only5 robot.

This should allow you to do more with your board like servo control , xbee communication , encoders interfacing ( have tested all of them ) and allows you build a general purpose high performance robot capable of dead reckoning,swarm behavior,wireless control etc.

I have tried to maintain comparability with Pololu AVR libraries … If anyone finds any problems do let me know.

The connector selection is based on capability of Baby Orangutan B-328 , and a 1A 5V rail is provided for servo and sensors interface.

The board is single sided for easy DIY PCB fabrication and is all DIP.

The article series covering design and development can be found at (63 KB)