[Baby Orangutan] avrdude give verification error

I’m trying to upload a program to my baby orangutan using the arduino IDE.
Some magical times the code uploads OK but most of the time I get:

[quote]avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0428
0xd7 != 0xdf
avrdude: verification error; content mismatch[/quote]
the first mismatch is always changing.
I’ve tried providing power to the BO through the programmer, externally and not at all. What am I doing wrong???


It sounds like there might be a bad connection somewhere. Can you double check your connections between your programmer and Baby Oranguntan? If you have another six-pin ISP cable, can you swap it with your current cable to see if the issue goes away? You could also try using a different USB cable between your computer and programmer. If you continue to have trouble, can you post pictures showing all your connections as well as close-up pictures of the ISP header solder connections?

By the way, you mentioned powering your Baby Oranguntan from your programmer. If you are using our USB AVR programmer, the programmer does not power the board, so you will need to supply power directly to your Baby Oranguntan when programming it through the ISP header.

- Amanda

Sorry, didn’t see your reply before. For some reason the subscription to the topic didn’t work…

Anyway, I was able to resolve this issue by moving one of the encoder outputs cables from PB4 to PD0. It seems that it was interfering with the ISP lines.

I am glad you found the problem and fixed it; thank you for letting us know.

- Amanda