Baby Orangutan and rechargeable batteries

Would like some thoughts on the following:

I would like to build a small - somewhat self-sustaining bot by using rechargeable batteries that are trickle charged using a BEAM ciruit from a solar cell. My question is on battery types. I have some very small 3vt, 45mah rechargeable lithium coin cells (ML2020)that I could put in series for 6vt - is 45 mah too low to drive the board some planetary geared pager motors and some sensors? My other option is a small NiCd 4.8 vt/280 mAh battery pack. I am looking for small the smallest solution I can find. Any thoughts are appreciated. I have used LiPo batteries in the past, but you cannot trickle charge them with a solar circuit as far as I know.
Thanks, Mike


Keep in mind that 45 mAh does not mean 45 mA. 45 mAh means the battery can supply 45 mA for an hour (usually a bit less since ratings are usually determined from lower discharge rates, such as 1 mA for 45 hours). The battery could also supply 80 mA for 30 minutes, or 150 mA for 15 minutes; the drop in efficiency will depend on the battery.

You can set up the Baby Orangutan to draw less power by lowering the clock speed, and you would probably want to desolder the power LED. The main power drain is in your motors, so it’s up to you to find some that will run long enough off your battery.

- Jan