Baby Orangutan and external motor driver

I want to use a Baby Orangutan with 4 small motors, using the internal motor driver and a small external dual motor driver such as the DRV8355 carrier. Which one would be easiest to control with the Baby O, and are there any programming examples or library routines available?


It sounds like you are looking for a dual motor driver and asking which of our motor drivers would be easy to control from a Baby Orangutan. Is that correct? If so, there are probably several motor drivers we carry that can work for your setup, and in general, we recommend choosing a motor driver that can continuously handle the stall current of your motors. If your Baby Orangutan is suitable to drive two of your motors, then using another driver with similar specifications like the TB6612FNG or the DRV8835 is probably fine. Otherwise, please provide more details on the motors you are using (e.g. datasheet or specifications link), so I can make a better suggestion on which of our motor drivers would be more appropriate.

We do not have coding examples for any of our motor drivers for the Baby Orangutan (except for the TB6612FNG which is what the robot controller uses). However, we do have some Arduino code for some of our motor drivers which you could modify to work for the Baby Orangutan if you plan to program the Baby Orangutan using the Arduino IDE.

- Amanda