Baby Orangutan and Arduino Ide Serial functions

I am a teacher from Spain, who has bought a baby orangutan from your catalog, and other elements, to make a robot line follower with my students.
The fact is that we are used to the IDE of Arduino, and we wrote our sketch with him.
We compile, upload the program, through the AVR USB pololu programmer, and things seem to work, but the serial functions, which allow interaction through the monitor, DO NOT WORK.
We do not know how to interact with the Arduino IDE serial monitor.
We would appreciate a lot, help us with this small inconvenience, since the distributor in Spain, does not have enough knowledge to do it.
Regards, Luis

I have the same problem. When I program arduino uno and I upload the sketch, I can view trough the serial monitor the state of the serial com. But, if I do the same thing with The Baby Orangutan trough Pololu AVR programmer, I can’t see the state of the serial from the Baby Orangutan. How could I do?


Our AVR programmers create two virtual COM ports, one for programming and one for general TTL serial communication. In Windows you can see which COM port is which in the Device Manager. Once your Baby Orangutan is programmed, you will need to switch the COM port listed in the Tools > Port menu of the Arduino IDE before opening the serial monitor. You will also need to make sure that the RX and TX lines of the Baby Orangutan are physically connected to the corresponding (TX and RX) lines on the programmer.