Baby Orangatang Vin

Has anyone had a problem with the Baby Orangatang with an input voltage of 11.5Vdc ? I used a wall wart that measured 11.5V. The Baby-O powered up for about 5 minutes. I was getting ready to d/l the red LED flasher program and attach the Pololu USB programmer. In this period of time, the green power LED went out. I re-verified the transformer voltage and it was still 11.5V.

Thanks for your help.


The first thing I would suspect from the symptoms and use of a wall-wart was that the voltage was a lot higher than you expected, but you’re saying you measured it. What’s the nominal voltage on your adapter, and how much do you trust that it stayed at 11.5V the whole time? Did anything happen during those 5 minutes of operation that you’re not telling us? The LED part is really simple: it’s basically just a regulator and then the LED, so if that failed, I would look for overvoltage on the input or overloading the output, for instance by shorting out the regulated 5V line.

- Jan

Thanks for your input Jan.

The wall wart is rated at 7.5V. Knowing that the output can vary, I measured 11.5V before attaching it to the Baby-O. I studied the schematic and see that the power LED (D2) is on the output side of the voltage regulator.

I did not notice anything out of the ordinary, but I was loading and building the flash LED test program and was not watching the Baby-O. I just noticed that the green LED was out and the board is not detected by the Pololu USB programmer. I need to test the 5V output, but I am going to hook up a 6V battery source instead of the wall wart.

Believe it or not, I’ve been working with microcontrollers and several Atmel products for 20 years, and this could be the first one that I have fried.


It sounds like you’re still going to do a few tests but are not optimistic. If the thing is indeed fried, you can contact us directly with your order information, and we can at least get you a discount on a replacement.

- Jan