Baby-O48 program problem

I have been using the LV-168 with no problems in programing. I am using the Pololu USB programer and the free Pololu suggested software. Just purchased a Baby-O48 and can’t program it. It does have the green LED on. The software shows 48 in program window. I have plugged the 3x2 in every possible way and it won’t connect. I have gone back to the LV-168 and it connects perfectly so it isn’t my set up.



Did you solder the 3x2 header pins to your Baby Orangutan or are you just relying on a press-fit? If it’s the former, on which side of the board did you make the solder connections? I suggest you visually inspect the connections to make sure they look good and you don’t see any shorts. To be more thorough, you can also do this with a multimeter.

If it’s the latter, your problems could be coming from not achieving a good press-fit. I recommend you try soldering the header pins to your Baby Orangutan. Be sure you solder the pins to the correct side of the Baby Orangutan as it is impossible to correctly connect the programmer to your Baby Orangutan if you solder the header pins to the wrong side. Please take a look at the Module Pinout & Components section of theUSB Programmer User Guide for more detailed information about how it should connect to the Baby Orangutan.

- Ben

Picky little fella. That worked. Like you stated I was trying to not have to solder. I went ahead and soldered and it works fine now.

Thanks Ben!


Why would I get a “Address does not match device”? I have programed many times successfuly.



I figured out what I was doing wrong.