Baby-O will not program

I am newbie, I am doing tutorials. Using Baby-O and Pololu AVR Programmer and AVR Studio 4 and the example file BlinkLED.c. I’ve set ISP frequency to 200kHz / 1.845 MHz. I’ve read the Signature and confirmed that it is OK. When I press Program (in Flash section) I get this error message and red light on AVR Programmer:

Reading FLASH input file… OK
Entering programming mode… OK!
Reading FLASH … OK!
WARNING: FLASH byte address 0x0000 is 0xFF (should be 0x0C)… FAILED!
Leaving programming mode… OK!

What else can check to make it work?

Oooo Pololu Brothers and Sisters, I rebooted PC, dropped ISP frequency one notch down, to 460.8kHz/1,500kH and it worked! No limits now :wink:

Hello, copernicus.

I think you meant to say “2000kHz / 1.845 MHz”. With that setting, 2000 kHz is the actual frequency used by the programmer and 1.845 MHz is the frequency displayed in the UI of AVR Studio.

I’m glad you were able to get the programmer working by switching to 1500 kHz, but you should have been able to get the 2000 kHz frequency to work also because the Baby Orangutan runs at 20 MHz. Maybe your Baby Orangutan’s clock speed has been changed somehow. Did you change any of the fuse bits of the Baby Orangutan? If you use our AVR C/C++ library and run “delay_ms(1000);” on the Baby Orangutan, does it actually delay for a second?


Thanks for the reply.

I went back to 2000 kHz and it all worked OK. It must be that something else was problem.

I looked into Fuses. Only fuse that is on is SPEIN. Is that default?


The only fuse with a check mark next to it should be SPIEN, but other fuses should also be configured, such as brown-out level and SUT_CKSEL. If you haven’t touched the fuses and your programmer is working, they are likely configured correctly, but I can verify that for you if you tell me the actual values of the fuse bytes. You can find this information in the middle panel of the AVRISP Fuses tab, where you’ll see the three fuse bytes as hex values labeled “EXTENDED”, “HIGH”, and “LOW”.

- Ben