Baby O Pin layout!


I am using the Pololu ready made libraries with the Baby O-328 controller. for the Wheel encoders functions the available example states that PC2 - PC5 corresponds to 16 - 19 pins (the Arduino numbers).

I am trying to find all the pin correspondences for the Baby O, but so far I am a little bit confused…

Could you help me with the layout please (e.g. which pins corespond to PD7 and PD4)?

Thank you in advance,



Please refer to the command reference for the port numbering. It is currently the same as the Arduino numbering scheme.


By the way, the digital I/O portion of the Pololu AVR Library defines some IO_xx macros that makes it easy to reference pins. For example, pin PD4 can be reference with the macro IO_D4 and pin PB2 can be referenced with the macro IO_B2.

- Ben

Hi again and thank you for the help :slight_smile: