Baby-O Motor Driver Change

The new motor controller looks nice, but unfortunately the minimum motor voltage is 4.5V, compared to the 2.5 for the LB1836M. I am probably in the minority here for wanting to run GM10 motors from a single 3.7V LiPo, which the LB1836M does flawlessly.

Was the change made in order to get more current capability, or is there a problem with the LB1836M?


We like the new motor driver for several reasons: it delivers more current, works to a higher voltage (allowing the whole Baby Orangutan to work to a higher voltage), can be PWMed at a higher frequency, and draws less current internally. The low end wasn’t really limiting us because the AVR needs 4.5 V, anyway, at least to run at 20 MHz. However, we’ll continue to keep the single-cell Li/3-cell Ni users in mind for future products.

- Jan

Any chance you could start selling the LB1836M on your Integrated Circuits Page? That is one hard IC to find…

Yes; it should be available on the web page later today.

- Jan

Woohoo, you rock! The board for my GM10 based robot uses the LB1836M. I’ll list you guys as the supplier on the BOM.
Thanks for the quick response.