Baby O is Programmable, but No LEDs

To the masters of Pololu,

I bought a new Baby O 328P not too long ago. I soldered in the headers and everything is perfect. I’ve updated my AVR to 1.07 and use Atmel Studio 6 for the programming. On the AVR and software side, everything works. AVR’s LED turns to yellow, and Devices shows a 4.7 v device is plugged into COM 3 and running just fine. The thing is, the green LED on the Baby O doesn’t light up ever, nor does the Red LED when using the LED Blink example. Perhaps I destroyed a trace when soldering the headers on? Did I get a bad unit, you think? Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch


Are you using the Pololu USB AVR programmer? If you are using it, how recently did you buy it? We recently updated the firmware to version 1.07, which adds target voltage reporting to support Atmel Studio 6. You can check the version number by using the programmer configuration utility available on the resources page.

How are you powering the Baby Orangutan? Please note that the Pololu USB AVR programmer does not have a feature to power the target device. You said your Baby O is programmable in the title of the post. How do you know it programmed successfully? Does Atmel Studio 6 say it was successful? Are you able to verify the flash is correctly programmed? Pictures of your setup might help us notice problems.

- Ryan


I am using the USB AVR Programmer. I got it along with my first Baby Orangutan Christmas of 2011. I updated the firmware successfully to 1.07 after downloading Atmel Studio 6, and the other Baby Orangutan I have programs just fine, LEDs work and everything.

While attached to the AVR Programmer, I have a 7.4 V LiPo battery plugged in to VIn and GRND as the guide says. When using my other Baby Orangutan, I use the same cables, battery, and everything, and Baby O #1’s green LED comes on as it should, and programs perfectly with the Blink LED example program. With Baby Orangutan #2, no LEDs come on, but the AVR’s yellow LED blinks, and Atmel Studio 6 tells me that programming was successful, 0 error. I checked all my solder joints and, on Baby O #2, they are in better shape than Baby O #1. If this information doesn’t help, I’ll post pictures or even a video later today, seeing as I’m at work right now.

Thanks for the troubleshooting ideas.

We just discovered a manufacturing problem where the LEDs on the latest batch of Baby Orangutans were reversed. I am very sorry that we probably sent you a defective Baby Orangutan. If you are comfortable with SMT soldering and want to have a go at flipping the LEDs, you can try to fix it that way. If that doesn’t work, or that isn’t something you want to deal with, we would be happy to send you a replacement. To request a replacement, email us your order information and reference this forum thread.

- Ryan