Baby O: In-Circuit Emulator?

I’m trying to use the Baby Orangutan to program a C328R camera module. The camera module communicates with the Baby O thru its USART ports. I am trying to debug my program to see if the camera is actually communicating properly with the microcontroller but am not able to hook up any of AVR Studios ICEs. In reading some of the other forum posts, it was mentioned that the USB Programmer does not allow the real time debugging.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to debug the Baby O and camera module in real time??
I thought about programming the Flash everytime and using the LED to test if communication works, but the LED and the USART ports are the same.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!



If an LED is enough for you, why don’t you connect one to one of the unused I/O lines?

- Jan

I just mentioned the LED so I would know if the camera is communicating. I would much prefer it if there was a way to debug the code in real time so I could watch the data registers as well.


The mega168 features debugWire, which is an interface for in-circuit debugging that works via the reset line. The Orangutan USB programmer does not support debugWire, so you will need to purchase a device that does. I suggest you take a look at section 22 of the ATmega168 datasheet, and you might find some helpful information if you search this forum for “debugWire”. One thread that deals with the subject in relation to the Baby Orangutan is:

Good luck getting your project working!

- Ben