Baby-O and sensor select

I have an Baby-O and MMA7260QT 3-Axis Accelerometer ±1.5/2/4/6g

For selecting the range I used to put the jumper to select 4g. What would happen if I connect the Accellerometer header to one of my Baby-O pins and pull it to ground. Would that select the 4g?


If you connect GS1 to a GPIO pin on the Baby Orangutan and drive it low, it would select 4g.

- Ryan

Thanks, I will use that for my next project, the sensor is powered by the motor outputs and the xyz and select all are now on the same side of the Baby-O which makes it very easy to connect everything.


Powering the accelerometer from the motor output is overkill and kind of a waste of the motor driver. It only draws a little over 1 mA, so you can easily power it with a digital output (if you want to be able to selectively turn it on or off) or you can connect it directly to Vcc (the regulated 5 V on the board).

- Ben

I never used the motor driver as motor driver but find it very handy to use it like a selectable power out for external devices like 4 digit 7 segment display, power LED(s), and a 4 character dot matrix display which draws 250 mA max.
It is very handy to have a selectable power output on each side of the Baby-O, that makes wiring pretty easy. So I probably do not use it for the purpose it was designed for but the functionality is appreciated.