Baby O and 1117 motors - do I need back-EMF protection?


I’m wondering if I need to add back-EMF protection using the above setup. It is going into a Tamiya dual gearbox, assembled with high gearing (ie low speed).

The data sheet of the Baby O motor driver chip says I do. Given the bi-directional nature I’m guessing diodes across the motor terminals are out.

How should I protect the motor driver chip, if at all?


Hello, David.

All the information we have on the motor driver on the Baby Orangutan is from its datasheet. According to the datasheet, there are diodes built into the MOSFETs used in the H-bridge that should help against back-EMF. In our experience, you generally do not need to take any additional precautions against back-EMF in this type of setup; however, you might want to add some 0.1uF capacitors across the motor terminals since those motors can be noisy. You might find the “Dealing with Motor Noise” section of this application note on using the motor driver on the Orangutan helpful.

- Jeremy

Thanks. I thought I read a note telling me I did need to do something, but happy if I don’t.

I have put the 0.1uF cap across the terminals of the motor.