avr4studio wizzard stops

After updating my AVR4Studio I had trouble with the LCD simulator, then I found out that I should have de-installed this before moving to 4.18

I removed everything from avr on my Vista laptop, downloaded fresh software from Atmel and started to install.

The install shield wizzard comes up and when I reach install the wizzard minimizes, stays activated in the task manager but does nothing at all. After one hour I decided to kill the program which was promptly executed.

AVR4Studio has worked very well on this laptop for the past three years.

I have no idea where to look. I have a desktop where I installed the same downloads without problems so I can finish my project.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Sometimes when I have this kind of problem I later notice that Windows Vista has popped up one of those security dialogs in the background. Did you check for a security dialog before killing the installer?

- Ryan

Sounds probable although I cannot open the minimized dialogue anymore and cannot see any security dialogues, can that be hidden somewhere?


If it is hidden, it is usually behind other windows. If you haven’t found it while looking for it, that probably isn’t the problem. I don’t really have any more advice besides trying different versions and builds of the install. What version and build have you been trying?

- Ryan

AVR4Studio 4.18

I installed the lot successfully on my desktop (vista too) and prefer to work on my project. This winter I plan to move to W7 anyway so I do not want to spend too much time on windows. The desktop proves there is nothing wrong with the software from Atmel and the cause is somewhere in my laptop’s vista installation.

Thanks anyway for the suggestions.