AVR Studio6 /pololu path setup

  1. The Windows installer doesn’t fully work with the latest build of Studio 6.

  2. Not clear is the exact locations for the . a files & the /pololu subdirectory.

  3. Lastly, how do you put the includes into the Debug/Release configurations “permanently” so they don’t have to be added for each project?

Any help appreciated! Bo Barry

Hello, Bo.

What do you mean? It looks like the current version of Atmel Studio is 6.0 build 1996, and I recently updated the installer to work with that version.

If you use the default install locations, those files should be installed in subdirectories of C:\libpololu-avr and C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\Atmel Studio 6.0\extensions\Atmel\AVRGCC\\AVRToolchain\avr . The installer for our library should take care of that for you.

You should really use the New Project templates we provide so you don’t need to worry about that, but you can also make your own template from an existing project once you configure it correctly. Check the file menu for something like “Export template…”


Thanks so much for the reply. The error is in the AVRGCC version, mine is The AVRStudio is 1996 service pack 2, so thats not where I got the error.

I try your tip and see if I can work around or figure out the AVRGCC path problem.

Anxious to get (re-started) with my 3pi. Bought it long ago when my brain worked bettter (I was still working). Gonna try to kickstart it and learn a bit more before I kick the bucket.


Just figured out the ‘bug’.

I had to change the /pololu/3pi.h to

Proud of myself, not sure of what caused this to be necessary.

Off and running (I think). !!!