AVR Studio has a built-in hex disassembler!

Did everyone else know this already? Nobody tells me these things!

I just accidentally opened a .hex file in AVR Studio (I meant to click on the project file) and it asked me where to put the new project file it was going to create. I pointed it somewhere and lo and behold it created a new project, and up and disassembled my hex file.

This isn’t terribly difficult to do I know, but the fact that it’s built into AVR Studio makes me happy, and it also does a nice job of making the assembly code readable. Basically it makes one line for every word/instruction. Each line shows the memory address, instruction hex word with assembly shorthand, addresses of the registers to which the instruction is applied, and even a brief English description of the instruction!

Now if WinAVR could take this and decompile it back to C I would get up and start dancing. Or does it do that too and nobody’s bothered to tell me?


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Very cool! I had no idea this feature was built into AVR Studio.

- Ben