AVR Studio 5

Is anyone using AVR Studio 5? I’m trying to get started with the 3pi and was attempting to use AVR Studio 5. It looks like the .aps files are no longer valid in version 5. There is an importer which I tried to use. However, there are some linking issues with the library that I can’t figure out. I was trying to run an imported simple-test example and it was telling me it could not find the include pololu/orangutan.h.

I’m installing version 4 now to give that a shot.


AVR Studio 5 is still in Beta. Kevin told me that it does not even have support for AVRISP programming built into it yet, but that the final version will. Once they release the final version, we will look into making it work with the Pololu AVR library. In the mean time, version 4 should work just fine for you.

- Ryan