AVR Studio 5 / pololu programmer / target voltage

I´m not sure if studio 5 is supported for the programmer.
But the target voltage is not read correct. In studio 4 it has worked fine
with the 3pi.

programming itself works fine …voltage is about 5 V …
but I would feel better, if the voltage check during flashing would work …
avr programmer was updated to version 1.6

any idea?

Hello, Daubi.

The Pololu USB AVR Programmer does support AVR Studio 5.

The screenshot you posted is what I would expect and I have seen it before, so it’s nothing to be worried about. We did not fully implement the command for getting the target voltage, so the programmer just returns 0 when AVR Studio 4 or 5 requests the target voltage.

Please note that the programmer still monitors the target voltage of the AVR and will abort programming if it drops out of the acceptable range.


thanks for the fast response
…if I have not missed it by rushing …could be good to add that to the documentation …
if there is anything I can help with, let me know.