AVR studio 5.1

Using AVAR studio 5.1, when I download an example (eg your maze solver) everything works well. I can program the 3pi via your hardware, and the robot works. However when I try to build my own code, AVR studion 5.1 dosesnt “see” the pololu libraries. Cant seen where the toolchain is in 5.1, and not sure where to put the libraries. Am also confused as to why the download works, put my own build doesnt.


I am sorry you are having trouble.

To “see” the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library, your AVR Studio 5.1 project needs to be configured correctly. We recommend either starting with one of the demo projects in your libpololu-avr folder or using one of the New Project templates which you can access by selecting File -> New -> Project from AVR Studio (or Atmel Studio). Please try this and see if it works.

However, if you really want to create a new project from scratch and do all the configuration yourself, you should read the “Using the Pololu AVR Library for your own projects” section of the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library User’s Guide. Currently, those instructions don’t support AVR Studio 5.1 (or Atmel Studio) particularly well, so you will have to familiarize yourself with the project properties screen and figure out where the various options are located; the new interface looks very different from the older AVR Studio 4 but all the basic options are still there. If you get confused, you can always looks at the way we configured out demo projects and make sure that you configure your project the same way.

I am not sure what you mean by “Cant seen where the toolchain is in 5.1”. Were you able to run the installer for the library properly? If you continue to have trouble, please tell me more specifically what is going wrong by giving context, quoting the exact error messages, and/or providing screenshots.


Thanks David
Yeah Id like to try and do it all by myself, ill read the library users file again to see haow to work it out. Ill post again when I get stuck.


Im just getting myself confused here im afraid. If I open AVR studio 5.1 and then open one of your projects ie maze solver, it compiles and I can program the 3pi using the pololu usb programmer. If I test the code it works perfectly and the little gem of a robot solves a maze. Now if I edit the code, even in just a minor way, for example change the display to say “Hello” instead of 3pi. Then compile it. The compile works, I then upload to the 3pi as before, but the code doesnt seem to change. Im obviously doing something wrong, cant work it out.


Could you describe exactly how you are uploading the program to the 3pi? Are you sure you are uploading the right HEX file? Does the modification time of that HEX file change when you rebuild the project?


Thanks for your help with this. Your comments have helped, me get me head around this. It was a configuration fault, and a bit of my own stupidity/lack of experience /lazyness . But I can now build and upload projects easily. Just have to write some decent code now. Thanks again.