AVR Studio 5.0 and 3pi so far

I thought I’d put down what I’ve been told and discovered in one place to possibly help others like me starting out.

1: Copy all ‘.a’ files from ‘C:\libpololu-avr’ into ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\AVR Studio 5.0\AVR Toolchain\avr\lib’
(if you have windows 7 64 bit, or where ever AVR Studio 5.0 tool chain is on your system.)

and set the tool chain Libraries to include ‘libpololu_atmega328p.a’ or whatever is your processor.

These settings have worked for just about all the examples I can find, but this is still work in progress.

Yours Simon M.

Hi Simon.

Thank you for taking the time to share what you’ve figured out. As David has said in your other thread, supporting AVR Studio 5 is definitely one of our priorities, but it will probably be next year at the earliest before we get to it.

- Ben

Yeah, thanks for sharing that with us, Simon. I think you forgot to mention the step of copying the header files, or at least configuring your project’s include directories so it can find them. As you have found out, it’s not that hard to get the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library working in AVR Studio 5 yourself if you are familiar with how to configure an IDE, but eventually we will have an installer that automatically does this work for you, example AVR Studio 5 projects, and much more.



I bought a 3pi for my 12 yr old son and I’m trying to get him set up using the modern IDE provided by the AVR studio 5. (I don’t really want him having to wade through complex make and shell scripts at this stage, I’d rather he concentrated on the robotic logic itself - I think it represents a fascinating challenge for older children ).

Could you give me a bit more detail on the set up of AVR5 - I’ve copied the .a files as suggested but I’m struggling slightly with how AVR can be set to see foreign .h files (i.e. the set that comes with pololu). I guess the include path is some kind of project property but I can’t see it. I’ve even tried simply copying the .h set into the same place as the .c files (not something i’d want my son to do!) but even that does not work.

Although I’m quite new to the 3pi ‘robotic eco’ system I’m a professional programmer and have been for 30 yrs. I might ( :exclamation: ) be able to follow any reasonable set of instructions.

many thanks



Hello, Tony.

Try copying the “pololu” folder from the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library download to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\AVR Studio 5.0\AVR Toolchain\avr\include”.

AVR Studio 4 is a fine platform for programming the 3pi which has worked well for many years. It does not require wading through complex make and shell scripts. If you continue to have trouble, I suggest switching to AVR Studio 4 because that’s the version that our documentation currently covers.


i need help i downloaded avr development bundle and it says it needs some drivers i dont know where to obtain them though because when i attempted to open the file it had an NSIS error on it i just got the 3pi and i have a windows 7 computer i have anouther program that i really like and was wondering if i could use this instead and if so how because it doesnt list the 3pi on the port list when opening it this software is called KISS-C 2.3.1 but it only seems usefull for the cbc2 this program is from my robotics class for botall from last year

Hello, sanguine maiden.

I’m sorry you are having trouble but I am going to need more details to help you.

I have no idea what message you saw on your screen because you paraphrased it with three words and it doesn’t sound familiar. You should post a screenshot or type in the message exactly as it appears on your screen.

What file are you talking about now? Is it the AVR Development Bundle or is it the drivers that you tried to obtain? Could you provide a link to the page you downloaded this file from and tell us the name of the file? Could you tell us what exact error message you got or post a screenshot here?

Your descriptions are incredibly vague and unhelpful. Also, your post should be divided into distinct sentences.

KISS-C will not work with the 3pi Robot.


Just wanted to add, that AVR Studio 5.1 works also with c++.
the linker option issue from 5.0 was solved.
debugging seems to have some limitiations.
object parameters could not be watched
and debug steps are sometimes off by some source code lines …