AVR Programmer USB connector

I’m using an Baby Orangutan and I use the Pololu USB AVR for programming.
The outgoing ISP connector has 6 leads. I want to use only 5 leads, so I can use a mini USB connector in my project. Does the programmer use all these 6 leads? If yes, is there another way to use a 5 lead mini USB connector?
Thanks for any advise you can give me.

- Jos

I am not entirely sure I understand what it is you are asking. Could you please tell me more about what you are trying to do?


Why does your project need frequent connection to the programmer? If it does, then you might be better with something like an arduino that has a USB socket. Though, in general, I love my baby orangutans.

Also, I agree that your question is confusing and not very clear as to your WHY. I think it’s important to say not just WHAT you’re trying to do, but WHY you’re trying to do it. In this case, you need all six wires to program the baby orangutan. You could however embed your USB AVR programmer into the project, and then connect to it via a mini-USB.