AVR Programmer install problem

I am running x64 Vista. On page pololu.com/docs/0J36/3.a it describes the install process shown here:


When I extract the files, Vista does not show a .inf file - screencast.com/t/NjQ3OTc5N ?

If I select the pgm03a_config file, there is no install option as per the instructions on the web page. There are “Run as Administrator” and “Open” options. When I select either, the end results is screencast.com/t/ZWFjODcyM2Et whether the avr programmer is plugged in or not.

I do not see the three dialogs that are mentioned in the documentation.

Is the documentation correct and if so what step did I miss?



Your operating system is hiding the full filenames from you. The file that displays as pgm03a on your screen is actually pgm03a.inf.