AVR Programm v2.1 not respoding

Alright, so… don’t know what i have done…
the programmer is fine, the A-star 16MHz board is fine…
But Arduino outputs the “Programmer not responding” error.
Here are some images… I can’t tell what’s wrong.
It’s been a while since I’ve used the micro-controller and the programmer v2.1.
I don’t recall ever making any modifications.
I have taken the time to update my Arduino IDE…
Here are some images.


It looks like you are selecting the programmers “Programming” port instead of the “TTL” port (as described in step 11 in the “Programming using the Arduino IDE” section of the A-Star 328PB user’s guide).

Also, it looks like the red wire coming from the LV pin on your level shifter is connected to the ground rail on your breadboard. That probably isn’t causing the issue with the programmer, but it seems like a mistake that could cause the system not to work properly.

Could you try fixing those things and seeing if it fixes the problem?