AVR-ISP not with WinAvrDude?

Hi All,
I’m new here and am looking forward to programming the Orangutan for an upcoming robotics contest. I have a recent Orangutan and am still waiting for my AVR-ISP2 to arrive. I guess it is not until one starts buying things that one starts to uncover the pitfalls. So, after reading some of the postings on this forum, am I correct in thinking that the AVR-ISP2 cannot be controlled by AVRDude under windowsXP? I was hoping to use only the utilities in WinAvr…to lessen complexity for this newbie. :?


In my opinion, using AVRStudio does not make things more complicated. It works with the programmer you have, and you get a graphical interface that makes it easier to explore options. Why do you think that the WinAVR utilities are less complicated?

- Jan

I agree. The complexity of WinAVR’s makefile, plus the fact the AVRISP mkII doesn’t seem to be completely supported by WinAVR, convinced me to switch over to AVRStudio4. I won’t look back.