Avoiding Zumo Blade Problems

This sounds obvious, but (silly me!) I ran into a problem with the Zumo blade tabs.

Details in my blog: http://mcuoneclipse.com/2013/08/31/fail-the-zumo-shield-blade-problem/

Solved it with several layers of electrical isolation tape:

I think it would deserve a note on the Zumo blade assembling instructions here: https://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1410


Good advice, I did the same thing.

Just a note that at least it is mentioned in the Zumo user’s guide in the assembly section:

“Note: There is a small chance the mounting tabs of the blade can cause shorts where it contacts the shield if the PCB solder mask is not thick enough, so we recommend adding some electrical tape or other insulating material between the blade and shield.”

I must have missed that part in the Zumo user’s guide :frowning:
But good that it is mentioned there (RTFM) :slight_smile:


Why not just use some nylon washers or even those RED card ones?? It just makes sense and is what I do by default when using metal screws on PCB’s Better still use nylon nuts & bolts…

Hope it helps.


PS. Manufactures could help here by supplying the most suitable fittings in the first place…

Thanks for the post. I just got me two of these sumo robots and I fear I am having issues with the reflectance array. I will have to check this out.