Auxillary Truck Light Control

I am trying to find out how to make an auxillary light on a truck move. I would like it to pan 360 and tilt roughly 140 degrees. mounting it and the motors is not the problem for me. I do not know what I need to be able to control it from sitting in the truck.
I would like to me able to turn a turn dial or buttons that would make it move where I want, and it would all be ran off 12 volt car battery.
If anyone knows of the products from this site that would get me there, please share your knowledge.
Thanks Just


Using RC servos is probably the easiest way to go. There are various pan and tilt assemblies available for those, and you can get 1-turn servos for the 360-degree joint (most servos only around 180 degrees). The main problem with that route is that the servos are made to run at 6V, but you can get some 12V to 6V switching regulators.

Unfortunately, we don’t carry most of the parts you would need, so you might consider some place like servo city, which has several pan-and-tilt products.

- Jan