Autonomous obstacle avoidance code zumo 32u

Hi, Does anybody have any code to make Zumo 32u move around a table avoiding obstacles? Thanks…


We do not have a code example for the Zumo 32U4 robot that does exactly what you’re trying to do. The only examples we have that might help you with some of what you’re doing are the SumoProximitySensors and the FaceTowardsOpponent, which you can modify to detect the edges of the tabletop and obstacles. You can find the source code for both examples under the “examples” folder here.

- Amanda

Professor Craven has an example:

additionally you can take a look at my code that i am currently working on. My IR avoidance is crude but my main IR code that detects an object seems to work pretty good. You can take a look at it here if you wish. I am currently having problems with the encoders.