Autohotkey script responds slow on new PC

Hi, I’ve had a small Autohotkey script working fine on my laptop for months now. Today I have moved my 12 Channel Maestro to a new PC and the same script takes forever to respond. Nothing has changed except the new Windows 10 PC. I’m not to sure what else I can try so any help will be much appreciated thanks.
If I move the servos in the Maestro control center software they respond instantaniously.


What operating system does your laptop have that it work working fine with? Could you post your AutoHotkey script as well as your Maestro settings file? You can save your Maestro settings file from the “File” drop-down menu of the Maestro Control Center with the controller connected. If you have a script saved on the Maestro, it would be helpful to save the settings file from the computer that was used to program it. When you say the script takes forever to respond, do you mean that there is a delay between pushing the button and the servo moving (but it moves at normal speed once it starts)?