Auto power on?

Is there a way to make the Orangutan power up as soon as I connect the batteries (as opposed to having to press the ‘on’ switch)?

My Orangutan will have to function more or less autonomous and in some situations the power may be interrupted. It would be nice if it would turn on automatically when power is restored.


There has been some related discussion on the thread about our pushbutton power switch. Shorting out the switch tends to give you auto power on, but you’ll then have to turn off using the “off” input. Also, I’m not sure what that will do for very brief power outages, so that might be worth testing.

- Jan

Ah, so simple :smiley:

I’ll test it to see if it works!

Edit: Yep, so far this works fine. It powers on when I apply power, and my program starts running. Thanks again for the quick help!