Auto Pan, Manual Tilt, Joystick override, Speed controlled program


Does anyone have a Auto Pan, Manual Tilt, Joystick override, Speed controlled program?

Yes, its a big ask and I don’t know how to make it work or what to use.
What is it for - I am wanting to build a Pan Tilt Assembly to hold a Camera and for it to perform in Auto Mode and then be deselected and used by a joystick in Manual Mode.

Auto Mode

  1. Pan left and right automatically
  2. Extend or reduce pan left and right in the auto mode
    (I was thinking by keypad buttons to a script, rotary encoder or rotary or slide potentiometers, which ever is use friendly)
  3. Increase or decrease speed again by pre program buttons, rotary encoder or rotary or slide potentiometers
  4. Minor manual tilt adjustment, a trim or + – button. Prefer not to use Joystick, see below.

Manual Mode

  1. Joystick control - a joystick signal that could then stop the micro controller being in auto mode, or power off via a manual press button switch and then manually control from the joystick, even if it was a separate system that was configured in, “In parallel”

Any assistance, code, thoughts on what to use (Servo or stepper motor and possibly gearbox) would be appreciated.


Hi, which servo motor and controller are you planning to use?


I went away from servos to stepper motors with gearboxes as I could control the speed better. Happy to be shown otherwise.

I am using TB6600, NEMA 17 and Arduino Mega at the moment.

Do you have any suggestions?


I think you can add Pololu MinIMU-9 to your parts list.

Here is another a bit similar project done with Maestro. But the video is no longer available I can see:


Thank you, I have had a look at both the links you have sent.