Audio animatronic

hello to the pololu team i would like to build an audio animatronic humanoid that is programable like the meccanoid robot i am a noob in programming and would like to now if there is a device or way i could easly record and play audio and mouvement (12servos) at the same time and play it back with a press of a button
if anyone can help me it would be wonderfull thank you


That sounds like a very ambitious project! Unfortunately, we do not have a ready-made product that can do all of that, but your might be able to create a system like that using some of our parts, such as one of the Maestro servo controllers.

The Maestro controllers do not have any special features for recording movements in real-time or syncing them to an audio track and cannot play or read audio tracks directly. There are a couple of options for accomplishing something like that, such as using a third-party program like Brookshire Software’s Visual Show Automation or triggering the sound/track from the Maestro to a separate audio playback board and timing your sequence manually, which I describe in the last paragraph of this post. You can see an example of what can be done with the simple timing method (and some patience) in this diorama posted by Makidog.


thank you Brandon for your quick response i will look thrue all of the information you gave me and start from their !

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