ATtiny26 Prototype Parts


I am looking to populate the ATtiny26 Prototyping PCB with parts, but I want to make sure I get components that fit the pre-drilled area at the top of the board.

Is there any chance of getting an example parts list for the ATtiny26 Prototyping PCB, for the components that are not already loaded?

Either your own part number (if you sell any of them), the manufacturers part numbers or even part numbers from Digikey/Mouser/etc for each component on the board would do nicely!

Any chance you can post this information, either here in the forum or add it to the ATtiny26 Prototyping PCB downloadable guide?



The footprints on the PCB are designed to accommodate common components that are available from several manufacturers. There are many other parts besides the examples below that will work in the board.

The switch has 0.1" spacing, so most switches with that spacing should work. Examples include part number EG1270, the right-angle switch we use on Orangutan, and EG1218, a slightly larger, vertical switch; both are available from Mouser or Digi-Key.

The DC jack is designed for components such as CUI’s PJ-202A (Digi-Key part number CP-202A-ND). There are various pin and barrel sizes, so you’ll want to get something that matches a DC adapter you have.

The DB9 connector is a standard footprint for right-angle DB9 connectors. Jameco # 104951 is a female DB9, which is most likely what you would want for connecting to a serial port.

The reset button is also a common footprint, and there are many buttons that will fit. One example is the Digi-Key part number SW400-ND.

- Jan