Attach Odroid with robot for Arduino

I have a Zumo robot for Arduino. And I want to do a 2D obstacle aviodance algorithm.
So I need to connect Arduino and laser sensor to Odroid with USB. Dealing the data in Odroid and send command to Arduino with serial.
I have a question about how to power supply Arduino. Does any body can help me with that, thanks so much.


The Arduino is powered by the VIN pin through a boost regulator on the Zumo Shield that boosts the power from the AA batteries up to about 7.45V. The Zumo shield also relies on the Arduino’s 5V and 3.3V regulators to power several components such as the accelerometer and buzzer. I made a quick flow chart that shows how the power is distributed. You can find a more detailed schematic diagrams for the Zumo Shield under the resources tab of the product page that show how all of the components and power busses are connected.