Atmel Studio 7 with QTR8A compile error


can you please help me?
I tried to code the the QTRA sensor within ATMEL Studio 7.
I have the following problem:
After installing the c++ library for pololu (not Arduino), I copied the following example program for calibration of the sensor: But when I build the programm I got the the following error: (see picture - programm + errors)
Error_picture.pdf (69.3 KB)

What goes wrong here?
Thank you for help,


Hello, Klaus.

It is not clear to me how you installed the Pololu AVR Library. Did you run the Pololu AVR Development Bundle for Windows installer linked under the “Download Instructions” section of the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library User’s Guide? Can you verify that you have the Pololu templates installed in Atmel Studio? Also, just to be sure, are you using one of our Orangutans? It is not completely clear from your description.


- Amanda

Hi Amanda,

thank you for your quick response!
Yes, I did. I installed the bundle. And the library seems to be correctly included. Because there is no error with include, as you can see in the picture I sent you.

For programming I use the Atmel Ice programmer.
But I have already errors during the build process.

Best Regards,

I forget: No, I program an Atmega32 Chip, not your Orangutan.
But this should no problem with using the library?


The library will not work with your ATmega32 chip; the library is designed specifically for our Orangutan boards, using an ATmega48/168/328P or ATmega324PA/644P/1284P AVR microcontroller. This is stated under the “Introduction” section of the library’s user’s guide. You would need make modifications to the PololuQTRSensors code (which is part of the Pololu AVR Library) to get that library to work with your AVR chip. You might consider reading the outputs of the sensor directly in your code and just looking at the library code as a reference for how to process the readings.

- Amanda