Atmel/AVR program not downloading

im trying to download avr program to my computer. we have it at school but cant seem to get it at home, can anyone help me with a link TIA


Are you talking about AVR Studio? If so, you can download it here:

Here is a link to the latest version: … 4Setup.exe

Note that you will need to first register before you can download it, and registration requires a valid email address. There are three service packs you can download and install once you’ve installed version 4.18 (no registration is required for the service packs).

- Ben

yep ive tried that…

i dont know what to do from here please help me

I don’t understand why you posted those screenshots. The first shows you downloading the AVR Toolchain installer, which is not AVR Studio. The second shows the Pololu AVR Library, which is not AVR Studio. Did you actually click on the second link in my post above and go through the registration process?

- Ben

From your last screenshot, my guess is that you’re trying to install one of the AVR Studio service packs (probably SP3) without first installing the base AVR studio. Try installing the base version first - that would be “AVR Studio 4.18 (build 684) (116 MB, updated 11/09)” on the AVR Studio download page.

- Kevin