Astar 32u4 Prime LV LCD connector question

Hi, Folks:

Is the LCD plug in module used on the Balboa compatible with the pinouts for the LCD on the Astar 32u4 Prime?

I ask because the schematic diagram of the two “mother boards” shows differences in how DB0-3 are connected, grounded in one case and open in the other.

Perhaps a better question would be: can the LCD display be freely swapped among all your boards? If not, what are the exceptions?

Happy TG, Jim Remington

Hello, Jim. Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, the LCD module on the Balboa 32U4 is compatible with the 2×7 LCD pinout on our A-Star Prime, and this LCD that we recommend for use with the Balboa 32U4 and our other ATmega 32U4 based robot control boards will also work on the A-Star Prime. (Although please keep in mind if you get an assembled A-Star prime with the LCD included, the LCD will come with a female header soldered on that will make it impractical to use with the headers on our the Balboa control board.)

For the LCD I linked to, DB0-DB3 are only used in 8-bit operating mode (the files on its product page under the “Resources” tab have more information) , so those pins being grounded on the Balboa 32U4 mean it can only be used in 4-bit operation mode. If you are only planning to use that LCD and our libraries then that is probably not a problem. However, if you decide to use a different LCD, please keep in mind the A-Star Prime can support an 8-bit option that the Balboa cannot.

- Patrick